Canon 232W Printer Wi-Fi Setup [SIMPLE GUIDE]

Canon MF232w is a monochrome laser All-in-One printer with scan and copy functions, Ethernet and Wi-Fi networking, and wireless printing with Apple AirPrint. This printer works with Windows as well as macOS. Added to Wi-Fi Direct, Canon MF232w supports third-party mobile connectivity options. Canon Print Business helps you connect to various cloud sites and print your documents. Connecting a wireless printer might confuse you if it is the first time, but the steps below will help you with Canon 232W Printer Wi-Fi Setup.

There are two major steps. Initially, you need to select Wireless LAN as your network and then select your wireless network. Let’s see the steps in detail.

Canon 232W Printer Wi-Fi Setup

Select Wireless LAN:

  • On your printer’s Homescreen, tap Menu.
  • Go to the Network Settings option and tap OK.
  • If the screen prompts for the PIN, enter it and press OK.
  • Now, select the Wired/Wireless LAN option, and on the next screen, select Wireless LAN.
Instructions On Canon 232W Printer Wi-Fi Setup

Setting Up wireless connection:

Before you begin the Canon 232W Printer Wi-Fi Setup, make sure you know the SSID and network key for your wireless network. Now, perform these steps to connect your Canon MF232w printer to the wireless network.

  • On the printer’s Homescreen, select Menu.
  • Select Network Settings.
  • On the next screen, select Wireless LAN Settings.
  • Now, you’ll see a screen prompting if you want to disable direct connection. Select Yes and press OK.
  • Similarly, if you are prompted to enable Wireless LAN, tap Yes and press OK.
  • Go through the message, tap OK and select SSID Settings.
  • Now, choose the Select Access Point option so that the device will search for available wireless routers.
  • If your wireless router is not seen, ensure your router is installed correctly.
  • Choose your wireless router’s SSID and enter the network key by using the numeric keys. Then click Apply.
  • When you see a prompt to make the connection, choose Yes and press OK.
  • The Wi-Fi indicator blinks on the operational panel when the wireless router is detected. 
  • When the setup is completed, the Wi-Fi indicator lights up and you’ll see the connected message on the printer screen.

Now, you’ve successfully completed the Canon 232W Printer Wi-Fi Setup.