Canon G3260 Not Connecting To Wifi - Simple Solutions

It isn't very pleasant if your Canon G3260 not connecting to Wi-Fi, especially if you have lots of printing tasks ahead. Don't worry – we will help you fix the network connectivity issue quickly and easily.You can click the call button below to get direct assistance from our technical expert or read the below instructions to get it resolved by yourself.

Canon G3260 Not Connecting

First Level Of Troubleshooting

  • Check if your printer is turned on.
  • Ensure that your network connection is working properly or stable.
  • After confirming the above steps, check the printer connection status using IJ Network Device Setup Utility; you can get this utility from Canon’s official website.

Try the following solutions if the problem continues even after repairing with IJ Network Device Setup Utility.

Troubleshooting Printer Connection Issue

  • Check if the Wi-Fi icon appears on the LCD.
  • If the Wi-Fi icon is not displayed, go to Setup menu and select Device settings --> LAN settings --> Wi-Fi --> Wi-Fi enab./disable. Choose the Enable option.
  • If the icon is displayed with a cross sign, verify that the printer setup is complete and the wireless router's settings are correct.
  • Ensure that the printer setup is complete on your computer. If not, perform the wireless setup correctly. Follow the below instructions to complete the wireless setup process.
  • Hold down the Easy wireless connect icon on your printer until you are prompted to follow the instruction on your computer.
  • Run the setup file.
  • Click Start Setup.
  • Review the network security information and select Next.
  • Wait until the installer acquires information about the latest driver and software. It might take several minutes.
  • Review the software’s license agreement and click Yes to proceed further.
  • Next, choose Agree or Do Not Agree to the information request.
  • When the connection method screen appears, click Yes.
  • Select your Network Name (SSID) and click Next.
  • Enter the network password and click Next.
  • Once the Connection completed screen appears, click the Next button.
  • When asked to align the print head, click Next.
  • Align The Print Head
  • Perform the remaining onscreen instructions.
  • Verify that your printer and wireless router network settings are the same.
  • Ensure your printer is closer to your computer and no objects are placed between them.
  • Ensure that your security software's firewall is turned off.

We hope you have resolved the Canon G3260 not connecting to the Wi-Fi issue. If you have queries related to Canon printers, click on the below call button.