Canon Pixma Megatank G2260 Usb Setup

Canon PIXMA MegaTank G2260 is an all-in-one printer that delivers high-quality printouts at a low cost. This printer comes with a refillable MegaTank system so that you no longer need to spend your money on expensive cartridges. This printer supports a wide range of connectivity options, including USB and wireless LAN. If you want to know how to complete the USB setup of your Canon PIXMA MegaTank G2260 printer, read this article completely.

Canon Pixma G2260 Usb Setup

Complete The Canon Pixma G2260 Initial Setup

Before you connect your printer and computer using a USB cable, you should complete its initial setup in the first place. The following instructions will guide you in that regard.

  • Unpack your printer and take out all the included items.
  • Remove all the packing tapes and protective covers.
  • Open your printer's top cover and install the print heads on the respective holders.
  • Take the supplied power cord and connect it to your printer's rear port and an electrical outlet.
  • Unpack the ink bottles and use them to fill the ink tanks.
  • Extend the paper support and load a paper stack with the print side facing up.

This is how you should complete the initial setup of your printer. The following section will guide you through the procedure for downloading and installing the software and completing the USB setup.

Download The Compatible Driver

The driver is mandatory to establish communication between your printer and computer. Apply the following instructions to get the compatible driver from Canon’s website.

  • Visit Canon's official support page using your default browser.
  • Enter your printer model (Canon PIXMA MegaTank G2260) in the search area and go to its support page.
  • Scroll down the page and select your OS in the Operating System drop-down menu.
  • Pick the driver you want and click Select> Download. The chosen driver will start downloading on your computer.

Complete The Canon Pixma G2260 Usb Setup

  • Locate the downloaded driver setup file on your computer and run this setup file.
  • Click the Yes button in case the User Account Control (UAC) dialog box pops up on your screen.
  • Now, you need to accept the terms and conditions on the software's license agreement screen.
  • When you come across the Connection Type screen, select the USB Connection option and click Next.
  • When prompted, take a USB cable and connect it between your printer and computer.
  • Go ahead with the instructions on the screen and finish the USB setup of your printer.
  • Finally, restart your computer.
  • Hereafter, you can access your Canon PIXMA MegaTank G2260 printer from your computer.

That's it. You have completed your Canon Pixma Megatank G2260 Usb Setup. For further questions and clarifications, get in touch with our expert team. For this purpose, use the call option we have provided on this page.