How To Perform The Canon Pixma Mx432 Printer Setup?

The Canon Pixma MX432 printer is an all-in-one machine suitable for home and small offices. You can also enjoy exceptional printing qualities thanks to the built-in WIFI interface. With a unique high resolution of up to 4800 dpi, it provides high-quality results. The printer is also robust and is equipped with additional wireless printing technologies like AirPrint compatibility, and so, you can print from anywhere from your home. Let's see how to do the Canon Pixma Mx432 printer setup quickly.

If you wish to learn about how to setup Canon Pixma MX432 printer , there are two protocols you must follow to complete the setup. The two protocols are the Hardware setup and Software setup.


In this Canon Pixma article, you are going to read the steps on how to perform the Canon Pixma MX432 setup.


  • The Canon Pixma MX432 printer
  • Ink cartridges
  • Power cord
  • USB cable
  • Documentation sheets
  • Installation CD
Canon Pixma Mx432 Printer Setup


  • Unpack the contents present inside the box along with the Canon Pixma MX432 printer.
  • Make sure that the printer is placed on a flat surface, preferably closer to the router and the computer, for a simple wireless connection.
  • Peel off the protective tapes surrounding the Canon Pixma MX432 printer.
  • Open the front cover, the document cover, and the paper input tray.
  • Get rid of the packaging material/protective sheet present inside the document cover and close it.
  • Remove the power cord from the sealed packaging.
  • Connect the power cord to the Canon printer and to the main power source.
  • On the printer control panel, press the Power button to turn it on.
  • With the help of the navigation buttons, choose the language of your choice and press OK.
  • Make sure that the front cover is open (to install the FINE Ink cartridges).
  • Unpack both the cartridges from the protective packaging.
  • Do not forget to peel off the protective tape from the bottom of the cartridge.
  • Place the FINE Ink cartridge into the respective color slot and push it inside until you hear the click sound.
  • Repeat the steps for the other ink cartridge and close the front cover of the printer.
  • Ensure that both the locks are holding the cartridge in position.
  • With the paper input tray open, ensure that the paper stack is ready to be set.
  • Adjust the guides in the input tray according to the edges of the paper.
  • Open the paper output tray extension.

The first protocol of the printer setup is complete. Let’s conclude the process once and for all.


  • Open the default browser on your computer.
  • Click the address bar and type the URL for the Canon support page.
  • Search for Canon Pixma MX432 and press the Enter button.
  • When the page opens, click the Drivers & Downloads tab.
  • Go to the Drivers & Downloads section.
  • Click the Operating System drop-down list and select your computer OS.
  • Click the Drivers tab.
  • When the search result refreshes, click the Select button for the printer driver of your choice. Ensure that this driver is of the latest version.
  • Click DOWNLOAD.
  • You have downloaded the printer driver to your computer.
  • Run the installation and complete the full software setup.

Once the software installation is complete, the Canon Pixma Mx432 printer setup procedure will be successfully finished. If you have issues to be sorted while performing the procedure, click the CALL button on this page for assistance.