How To Conduct A Hard Reset On A Canon Mg6821?

After prolonged use, any printer might face problems. The same is true with Canon printers also. Power cycling, performing a hard reset, or resetting the printer’s ink levels have all solved many of the issues on Canon printers. On this page, we shall focus on how to conduct a hard reset on a Canon Mg6821 printer.

Hard resetting the Canon MG6821 printer helps fix many of the stubborn error codes on it. In case there is a misread between the printer and computer, a hard reset can fix that too. This process will restore all the printer’s factory settings to their defaults and can also clear the printer queue.

Now, let’s discuss the steps involved in hard resetting a Canon MG6821 printer:

  • First, locate the Stop button on the printer.
  • You have to press the button and hold it until your printer alarm sequence starts.
  • Wait patiently for the alarm to flash 19 times to continue with the hard reset of the Canon MG6821 printer.
  • Once the alarm has finished flashing 19 times, you can release the Stop button. This action will restore all the default factory settings on the printer. The custom network settings that you might have set on the printer will also be erased.
  • It is now time to uninstall the printer.
  • Next, reinstall it.
  • NOTE: To use the printer again on a network, you can make use of the Setup CD-ROM (for Windows) or download the driver package from the Canon website (for Mac).
How to Conduct a Hard Reset on a Canon MG6821
  • You will find that the printer acts as a newly installed one with all the original settings, which existed when you purchased it.
  • You have now successfully know how to conduct a hard reset on a Canon Mg6821 printer.