How to connect Canon printer to laptop wirelessly

Most Canon printers come with various wireless connectivity options, where a user can easily connect the printer to a laptop without the need for a wired connection. Despite the difference in models, printers and laptops are designed to work with one another right out of the box. In the upcoming segments, we will discuss how to connect a Canon printer to a laptop wirelessly.

Steps To Be Followed Before Connecting The Devices:

  • Make sure that your Canon printer is plugged into a reliable power source and turned on.
  • If you got the CD-ROM inside the printer package, then insert the CD into your laptop’s CD tray.
  • If you don’t have the installation CD, visit the official Canon support page and download the relevant printer drivers for your Canon printer.
  • Once downloaded, install the same on your laptop.
  • Now use the printer’s control panel to select the wireless network.
  • Enter the password and connect the printer to your router’s network.
  • Also, you need to connect your laptop to the same network.
  • Finally, click Close.
How to connect Canon printer to laptop wirelessly