How To Setup Remote UI On Canon Printer? [SIMPLE GUIDE]

There are Canon printers that come under the image RUNNER series. These feature a small built-in software that allows you to access the many functions of the Canon printer through the web browser of your computer. If you have a business that needs a proper workflow through copying, faxing, or printing, you can make use of the Remote UI feature. Now lets see How To Setup Remote UI On Canon Printer in detail.

With the help of the Remote UI, you can see various printer details like how much paper is left in the printer, when the Canon printer needs a toner replacement, and what color it needs. Before you get to access the Remote UI, you need to prepare the Canon printer in the first place. The Remote UI software will allow you to access and manage the printer connected to the network. It can be complete when you specify the IP address of the printer and then you can control the machine.

Setup Remote UI On Canon Printer

Instructions On How To Setup Remote UI On Canon Printer

Here is the procedure you need to follow for How to setup Remote UI on Canon printer properly.

  • First things first, ensure that your Canon printer is properly set up (hardware-wise) and turned on.
  • Based on the Canon printer you are using, connect it to the network either with the help of a USB cable (connected to a computer with a network) or through the wireless method (direct connection to the wireless router).
  • Once the Canon printer is connected to the network, turn on your computer.
  • Open the default browser or the one you use regularly.
  • Click the address bar, start with https://, and enter the IP address of the Canon printer.

If you are uncertain about the IP address of the Canon printer, here’s how you find it and know How to setup Remote UI on Canon printer.

  • Open Settings (Windows + I).
  • Select Devices.
  • Click the Printers and Scanners option.
  • Select the Canon printer from the list.
  • Click Manage.
  • Select the Printer Properties option.
  • Click the General tab.
  • Next to the Location field, you will see the printer IP address (Note it down and save it for future reference).
  • Log in to your remote UI.
  • Select the user mode either by selecting Administrator Mode or Real-Time Mode.
  • Click the OK button.

You have successfully set up the remote UI feature on your Canon printer. 

If you are facing any difficulty regarding How to setup Remote UI on Canon printer, click the CALL button to speak to our dedicated technical team for assistance.