HP Envy 6075 is a multifunctional wireless printer compatible with computers, laptops, and smartphones. The intuitive control panel makes the printer user-friendly. Its self-healing Wi-Fi feature lets you stay connected with this printer. Read this page to know the procedure for setting up this printer.


Hp Envy 6075 Unboxing Setup


  • Unbox your printer.
  • Remove all the components you’ve received from the box.
  • Discard the protective covers and also the packing tapes from the printer and its components.
  • Confirm that all the items are delivered without damage.
  • Move on to the next step of the setup, which is connecting the power cord.


  • Take the given power cord and connect it between the rear port of your HP Envy 6075 printer and a power source.
  • Now, your printer's Power LED will glow up.


  • First, you need to open the printer's cartridge access door.
  • Next, unpack the cartridges.
  • Now, insert these cartridges into the respective holders.
  • Press each cartridge until it clicks in its place.
  • Ensure that you have installed all the cartridges according to the color indications.
  • Once done, close the cartridge access door.


  • Extend the printer’s paper tray and slide apart the paper guides.
  • Fan a paper stack and align the sheets well.
  • Now, load the stack into the paper tray.
  • Adjust the guides against the paper.
  • Finally, re-insert the paper tray into the printer.


  • Download the HP Smart app and install it on your computer/smartphone.
  • Open the app and click Add a printer.
  • When it shows you a list of nearby printers, locate your HP Envy 6075 printer and click Continue.
  • Go ahead with the instructions on the screen and complete the installation.
  • Hereafter, you can print, scan, and copy your documents via HP Smart.


  • First, visit the official support page of HP from your default browser.
  • In the search area, type HP Envy 6075 and press Enter.
  • From the search results, click on your printer.
  • Now, you’ll be directed to the support page of your printer. Here, click Software, Drivers and Firmware.
  • Support Page Of Your Printer
  • Now, your Operating System will be detected, and it will display the compatible drivers.
  • To change the Operating System, click on the Choose a different OS link.
  • Focus on the driver you prefer.
  • Now, select that appropriate driver and click the Download button.
  • Once the downloading is finished, you can locate the file within the browser and in the Downloads folder.
Driver Download


  • First, open the default browser on your computer.
  • Next, visit the official page of HP.
  • Type “HP Envy 6075” in the search area and then press Enter.
  • Click on your printer model from the search results.
  • When it takes you to the product support page, click on Manuals.
  • On the page that displays, you can find the manuals for your HP Envy 6075 printer.
  • Manuals For Your Hp Envy 6075 Printer
  • Click on the manual you need, and it will be opened in your browser's new tab.
  • To save it on your computer, click the Download icon and select the destination/folder you prefer.
Manual Download


  • After you’ve downloaded the compatible driver for your Operating System, you can proceed with the installation process.
  • Locate the driver's setup file in the Downloads folder.
  • Double-click on the setup file.
  • Continue with the instructions on display.
  • Accept the software's terms and conditions on the End-User License Agreement screen.
  • When you are requested to select the connection method, pick the one you prefer. Then, connect your HP Envy 6075 printer and computer according to the type of connection that you’ve picked.
  • Go ahead with the instructions that appear on the screen and complete the printer driver installation.


When you configure your HP Envy 6075 printer for the wireless connection, you can access it wirelessly from your devices (computer and smartphone). To know how to complete the wireless setup on your HP printer, read these instructions.

Canon G4210 Wireless Connection

  • On the printer, press and hold the Wi-Fi and Power buttons simultaneously for three seconds.
  • Now, your printer will enter into the WPS Push Button mode.
  • Press your router's WPS button as soon as possible.
  • Within a short period, the connection between your printer and router will be established.
  • If your router is WPS-enabled, but you cannot locate the WPS button on it, you can try the WPS PIN mode.
  • To do it, press and hold the Information button until all the buttons light up. Now, press the Information and Resume buttons simultaneously for five seconds.

Canon Pixma G4210 Wireless Direct

  • Now, your printer will print a network configuration page. On this page, locate the WPS PIN code and note it down.
  • Open the configuration utility of your printer and navigate to the WPS section. Here, enter the WPS PIN in the respective field.
  • Within two minutes, your printer will be connected to your router.
  • Connect your computer to the same network to which you have connected the printer.
  • Now, you can start printing wirelessly.


  • Download the printer driver from HP's official support page.
  • Run the setup file and then click the Yes button when User Account Control pops up.
  • When the software's license agreement appears, go on and accept its terms and conditions.
  • Now, pick the connection method as USB and connect your printer and computer accordingly (using a USB cable).
  • Finish the rest of the instructions on the screen and complete the USB setup.


HP Smart lets you print, scan, and copy your documents at the tap of your smartphone. This app also enables you to share documents with third-party applications like Google Drive and Dropbox. To print your documents from your computer via HP Smart, follow these instructions.

  • Load sufficient paper into the paper tray of your HP Envy 6075 printer.
  • Open the HP Smart app and ensure that your printer is selected.
  • In case your printer is not selected, click the + icon below the Add a printer option and select your printer.
  • To print your photos, click on Print Photos and browse for the photo you want to print.
  • To print your documents, click on Print Documents and then choose the document you want to print.
  • In case you want to make changes to your print job, click on More settings and make the appropriate changes.
  • Finally, click on Print to start printing.


  • Load your originals on the scanner glass or into the ADF.
  • Open HP Smart and ensure that your HP Envy 6075 printer is selected.
  • In case a different printer is selected, click on the + icon and choose the right printer.
  • Click the Scan tile and select your preferences, such as paper type, page size, output type, source, and resolution.
  • Click on Scan; it will show you a preview of the scan.
  • The preview window lets you add a different page to your scan, change the file name/type, edit the scan, and reorder multiple pages.
  • Once you make the necessary modifications, click Done.


  • Load sufficient paper into your HP printer’s paper tray.
  • Now, load your originals on the scanner glass or into the automatic document feeder.
  • If you need B/W copies, press the Start Copy Black button. Conversely, for color copies, press the Start Copy Color button.
  • Once you press the button, the copying process will be started.
  • If you need more copies, press the respective button multiple times.


Troubleshooting methods help you handle the existing printer issues like an expert. Refer to the following sections if you want to know the troubleshooting solutions for your HP Envy 6075 printer.


  • If your printer fails to connect to Wi-Fi, check your Internet's stability. If you find any instability with your Internet connection, take the necessary steps to fix it.
  • Check if you have entered the correct credentials of your router. If you have changed your router's password, update the same on your printer and check if your problem is resolved.
  • Make sure that you have connected your computer and printer to the same network.
  • If you have kept your HP Envy 6075 printer and router farther, get them closer and see if your printer can connect to Wi-Fi. Also, ensure that no electronic appliance is interfering with the communication between your printer and router.
  • An outdated printer driver and firmware will always cause significant issues. Therefore, you need to access HP's official website and get the updated drivers and firmware. Install the relevant software and ensure that your printer connects to Wi-Fi.
  • In most situations, removing and then re-adding the printer can help you fix the connection issues. On your Windows computer, click Start and go to the Devices and Printers window. Right-click on your HP Envy 6075 printer and select the Remove Device option.
  • Again, go to the Devices and Printers window and re-add your printer.


  • If your printer is not printing, check if you’ve loaded enough paper into the paper tray. Then, ensure that the cartridges are installed correctly.
  • Check the connection between your printer and computer. If you have connected these two devices over a network, you need to confirm that they are connected to the same network. In case you connect them using a USB cable, check the condition of the cable. Try disconnecting and reconnecting the cable. If necessary, replace the USB cable.
  • If you haven't set your printer as the default machine, do it now. Navigate to the Devices and Printers window and set your HP Envy 6075 printer as default.
  • In the Devices and Printers section, just cancel all the documents you have sent so far (to your printer). Also, make sure that you haven't enabled the Use Printer Offline or Pause Printing option.
  • If you are accidentally utilizing an outdated driver, you will probably end up with connection issues. To fix this problem, update your printer driver to the recent version; you can get the updated software from HP's official support page.


  • If your printer is offline, see if you have turned on the Use Printer Offline option on the Windows computer that’s connected to the printer. If so, disable the option and ensure that you rectify the problem.
  • Make sure that the connection between your HP Envy 6075 printer and your computer is stable.
  • HP Print and Scan Doctor can fix most issues. Get the app from HP's official website and install it on your computer. Open the software and click Start. Select your HP Envy 6075 printer and click Fix Printing. You can use this tool for every printer issue.
  • If you continuously assign the print jobs, your printer may start to misbehave. In order to rectify this issue, cancel all the print jobs that you have sent to your HP Envy printer so far.
  • Ensure that you set your printer as default.
  • Power cycle your printer. Turn it off and leave it undisturbed for a minute. Then, turn on your printer and then check whether the issue is resolved.


The error code E0 can occur on the HP Envy 6075 printer when there is a problem with the installed cartridges. If the installed cartridge is faulty, damaged, or incompatible, you may probably end up with this error code. Try the following troubleshooting solutions to fix this error.

  • If you have installed any third-party ink cartridges, remove them from the slots and install only the original HP cartridges.
  • If you have installed the cartridges incorrectly, you will end up with error codes. To fix this, open the cartridge access door and press each cartridge until it fits into its place. Then, ensure that the error code disappears.
  • In case the cartridges you’ve installed are damaged, you need to replace them with new ones. Inspect each cartridge and replace it if necessary.
  • If you still cannot rectify the error code E0, reach our technical experts for assistance.

In this way, you should set up your HP Envy 6075 printer. For further questions and clarifications, you can always reach our technical experts for assistance.