Canon MG2920 Setup

Canon MG2920 Setup

Follow these guidelines to set up the Canon MG 2920 printer.

  • Take the Canon MG 2920 printer out of the box.
  • Remove the tapes covering the Canon MG printer lids.
  • Place the machine on its side while holding the top cover and remove the tapes from the bottom surface.
  • Lower the Canon MG 2920 printer's front cover and take out the protective materials inside the printer.
  • Close the Canon device's front cover and place the printer on a flat surface.
  • Connect the Canon device's power cable to its power port and power outlet.
  • Press the ON button on the Canon MG 2920 and wait until the green LED glows beside the Power button.

Canon MG2920 Driver & Manual Download

The Canon MG2920 printer driver helps you send print jobs to the printer from Windows and Mac computers. The IJ Scan Utility tool, which is a part of the Canon MG 2920 printer driver, helps you scan documents to emails, PDFs, and networks. The Canon MG2920 manual contains information about printing, scanning, copying, and troubleshooting issues related to these print functions. To download the Canon MG 2920 printer driver and manual, go to the manufacturer's support page and search for the manual or driver by typing the Canon printer model in the search field. You can then follow the on-screen guidelines to download the correct version of the driver for your computer.

Canon MG2920 Driver Installation

Follow these guidelines to install the Canon MG 2920 printer driver on your computer.

  • Power on the Canon MG 2920 printer and after the green Power LED glows steadily, press and hold the Wi-Fi button till the amber alarm LED blinks once. Let go of this button, go to your router, and press the WPS button. Keep holding it for a few seconds. Then, the power and Wi-Fi LEDs glow steadily on the Canon MG 2920 printer. This means that the Canon MG 2920 printer is connected to the wireless router.
  • After downloading the Canon MG 2920 printer driver to your computer, or inserting the Canon driver CD into your CD drive, launch the driver installer by double-clicking it.
  • On the Canon MG 2920 driver installer dashboard, you can click the Language button to change the instruction language. After the correct language has been selected, click Next.
  • You will need to select the printer connection method on the next screen. Click the appropriate radio button to select the connection type and then click Next.
  • Choose the Access Point connection radio button and then click Next. Click Next again.
  • Click the checkbox above the Update button and click Next.
  • Click Next on the following screen. Choose the WPS option.
  • Now the Canon MG 2920 printer appears on the network list window. Click Next.
  • When you see the Connection completed screen, select the Next button.
  • Choose the required software to be installed and then click Next.
  • Click Yes and then choose Next.
  • After the Canon MG 2920 printer software is installed, the 'Detected Printers List' window appears. Click Next and then click Complete on the 'Setup Completion' screen. Click the Execute button and follow the on-screen prompts. After the printhead is aligned, click Next.
  • Click Next on the 'Setup Complete' screen.
  • You can register the Canon MG 2920 printer on the User Registration screen by clicking Next and following the on-screen prompts.
  • Choose the Agree or Disagree button on the Extended Survey Program screen. Choosing either of these options does not affect the driver installation.
  • Click Execute to run a test print on the Canon MG 2920 printer.
  • Click NextExit.

Canon Mg2920 How To Copy

  • The initial step of the copying procedure is to load the original documents on the platen.
  • Check if the Canon Pixma MG2920 printer is turned on. If not, turn it on.
  • Extend the input tray of the Canon printer and load sheets of paper in it.
  • Make sure you are loading compatible paper in the input tray.
  • Tap the Color button to copy in color and the Black button for copying in black & white.
  • If you want to print several copies of your document, then press the Color or Black button in accordance with the number of copies you want to print.

Canon Mg2920 How To Scan

  • You can make use of the Canon IJ Scan Utility software to scan your documents or images.
  • This software is a part of the MP Driver package. You can also get it separately from the manufacturer’s site.
  • After you check if the MG2920 printer is turned on, you have to load plain papers in the input tray.
  • Align them on a flat surface before you place it in the tray. It will avoid paper jam issues.
  • Open the Canon Pixma MG2920 printer’s scanner lid and place the original document on the scanner bed.
  • Tap the Settings button to make any changes to the scan settings.
  • Click the Document or Photo option based on the file you have loaded.
  • You can also use the Auto option to detect the type of document and then scan.
  • The scanning process will be initiated now.

Canon Mg2920 Ink Refill

  • If the printer indicates that the cartridges are low on ink or empty, then you have to replace them or refill them.
  • The instructions on how to refill the Canon Pixma MG2920 cartridges are given here.
  • First, remove the ink cartridge from the printer. Open the cartridge door of the MG2920 printer and wait till the carriage comes to the center position.
  • Uninstall the cartridge that you wish to refill and place it on a flat surface with towels under it to avoid any spills on the surface.
  • Next, you have to peel off the label present on top of the cartridge. A small hole will be available there.
  • Make use of a thumb drill to enlarge the hole present on the cartridge.
  • Take a syringe and fill it with ink and place it at the start of the hole.
  • Slowly, empty the syringe into the cartridge and wait till the excess ink spills out.
  • After a few seconds, place the label back in its position and cover the hole you have enlarged.
  • Ensure that you do not position the label on top of the hole. Cut the label if needed.
  • Place the refilled ink cartridges in the correct slot and close the access door firmly.
  • Wait till the ink cartridges are aligned and then take a test print to ensure you have refilled properly.

Canon Mg2920 Wireless Setup Without Disk

  • You can make use of the download links available on this site to download the MP driver package.
  • Key in the version of your OS and click the Download button available on the Results page.
  • Double-click on the downloaded printer driver file to begin the driver installation process.
  • Tap the Next button on the Initial screen and proceed to choose the Connection Method.
  • Select the Wireless Connection option in the next window. Verify whether your Canon MG2920 printer is turned on and the Power light is lit.
  • On the Printer Setup screen, choose the Connect to the Network option.
  • Next, click on the Cableless Setup option, press the Wi-Fi button of the printer, and hold it for a few seconds.
  • Release it after the Orange color lamp blinks twice. Also, check if the Wi-Fi lamp blinks and the Power lamp is lit.
  • Choose the Place of Residence in the next window and select the list of other software that you wish to install.
  • Comply with the License Agreement. Click the Next button on the Please Allow All Install Wizard Processes screen to grant the necessary permissions.
  • Tap the Complete button on the Setup Completion screen in which your Printer Model and SSID are displayed.
  • The setup process is now complete.

Canon Mg2920 Usb Setup

  • Proceed with the following guidelines to set up the USB connection.
  • Unpack the packing material and tapes from the Canon MG 2920 printer and ensure that all the components like user manual, toner cartridges, power cord, and documentation CD are present inside the box.
  • Take the Canon MG2920 printer out from the box.
  • Connect the Canon MG2920 printer to the power source using the AC power cord.
  • Do not turn on the Canon printer before inserting the cartridge.
  • Open the front cover of the Canon MG2920 printer.
  • Make sure to insert the fine cartridge correctly in the given slot of the Canon MG2920 printer.
  • After inserting the fine cartridge, close the front cover of the Canon Mg2920 printer.
  • Press and hold the ON button till the LED glows to turn on the Canon MG2920 printer.
  • Pull the output paper tray out from the Canon MG2920 printer and load enough plain paper required to perform various printer operations like print, scan, or copy.
  • Slightly adjust the paper guide to fit the paper correctly in the paper tray.
  • Also, make sure to load paper below the maximum paper mark to avoid paper jam error.
  • Launch the default web browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer.
  • Go the official site of the manufacturer. Click the Setup option and then choose the name of your printer.
  • Look for the Connecting to Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet option and click it. Specify the operating system of your computer.
  • Click the Download button. The setup file downloads.
  • Once you complete downloading the file, open it. Click Next to continue with the process.
  • Choose the printer connection method when a subsequent window opens on the screen.
  • You can choose either a wireless LAN connection or USB connection.
  • Select the USB Connection option. Get a USB cable and connect your Canon MG2920 printer to the computer directly. Do not use any intermediate like a USB hub.
  • Proceed with the steps displayed on the screen to complete the connection setup on your PC.
  • When you complete the connection setup, you will be prompted to install the printer driver software on the next window.
  • Click the Next option displayed at the bottom of the software Installation List screen. The computer is now connected to the Canon MG2920 printer.
  • Now, print a test page to verify the printing operation.

Canon Mg2920 Mobile Printing

The Canon MG2920 printer is compatible with both Google Cloud Print and PIXMA Cloud Link. You can download Canon Inkjet Print Utility or PIXMA Printing Solutions from the Google Play Store. Use the downloaded app to print any data saved on your smartphone or tablet wirelessly. You can perform printing without a computer by uploading a photo or document in a Cloud service. You can print a photo or document from any location using this mobile printing feature.

Canon Mg2920 Google Cloud Print

  • The Canon MG2920 printer is compatible with Google Cloud Print. You can print from anywhere using this feature.
  • To perform Google Cloud Print, you need to register your Canon printer with Google Cloud Print. Do the following steps to register your printer with Google Cloud Print.
  • Before registering the printer, sign into your Google account. If you do not have a Google account, create one. Log into the Google account using the appropriate login credentials.
  • Turn on your Canon MG2920 printer and connect your printer to the Internet to start the printer registration.
  • To check the printer status and to perform utility functions like cleaning, download the Canon Inkjet Print Utility application on your smartphone, PC, or tablet.
  • You can use PIXMA Printing Solutions to check the printer status.
  • Once you complete downloading the application on your smartphone from the App Store, open the program and enter the username and password for authentication.
  • Now, click the Google Cloud Print Setup option from the displayed menu.
  • Select the Register with Google Cloud Print option and click the Yes button when the confirmation window appears on the screen to register your printer with Google Cloud Print.
  • Choose the display language and then click the Authentication option to proceed with the registration.
  • Click the OK button when the registration completed message displays on the screen.
  • You can also delete the printer registration. Go to Google Cloud Print Setup and select the Delete from Google Cloud Print option. Click the Yes button when the confirmation message displays on the screen to delete your printer with the Google Cloud Print.
  • Once you complete the registration, you can transfer the print data which you need to print from smartphone, PC, or tablet to your printer.
  • Click the Settings icon on the web browser, select the Print option from the list, and then choose the Destination as Print with Google Cloud Print to start printing the data automatically. Make sure that not to turn off the printer until it completes the process.

How To Reset Canon Mg2920

  • To reset your Canon MG2920 printer, follow the procedures given below.
  • Ascertain that the Canon MG2920 printer is turned On.
  • Before you start the Canon printer reset process, check and make sure that no paper is left inside the printer.
  • Now, press & hold the Stop button on the printer control panel.
  • Make sure to continue with the above process until the orange alarm light flashes 21 times.
  • After that, release the Stop button and wait a few minutes until the Canon printer cools down.
  • Once the reset process is done completely, restart your printer and start setting the network, ink cartridges options from the beginning.

Canon Mg2920 Printer Troubleshooting

The Canon MG2920 printer is well-known for its printing speed and quality. However, at the same time, it also faces some issues while performing the print, scan, or, copy operation. When an issue occurs inside the printer, it is indicated by an error message. The error messages are displayed on the printer screen. To fix the issue, first, identify the error code displayed on the printer screen. After that, start performing the troubleshooting steps as given in the user manual.

Canon Pixma Mg2920 Printer Not Responding

To fix the Canon Pixma MG2920 printer not responding issue, perform the troubleshooting steps given below.

  • Check and make sure that the Canon Pixma MG2920 printer is turned On.
  • Check if the power cable is connected to the printer and the wall outlet firmly.
  • Check if the access point mode is enabled on your Canon Pixma MG2920 printer.
  • Make sure to disable the access point mode while enabling the other modes.
  • Check and make sure that your Canon Pixma MG2920 printer is connected to the computer and the print driver is installed on it.
  • Delete unnecessary print jobs on your computer.
  • Reboot your Canon Pixma MG2920 printer and the computer.

Canon Mg2920 Won't Print

To fix the Canon MG2920 printer not printing issue, perform the troubleshooting procedures as discussed below.

  • Check if the main tray of the Canon MG2920 printer contains enough paper.
  • Check if any paper piece is found inside the Canon MG2920 printer. If found, then remove it slowly without tearing it further.
  • Check and make sure that the paper feeds properly on your Canon MG2920 printer.
  • Check if the ink cartridges are installed properly on your Canon Pixma MG2920 printer.
  • Check and make sure that the Canon MG2920 printer and the computer are connected to the same wireless network.
  • Clean the paper feed roller using a soft cotton swab.
  • Try to print. If the issue remains unresolved, contact our technical experts for further assistance.

Canon Mg2920 Paper Jam

  • Once you are notified that there is a paper jam, you have to turn off the Canon Pixma MG2920 printer.
  • Disconnect the Canon printer from the wall power supply.
  • Open the output tray of the MG2920 printer and its cover.
  • Check if there is any paper stuck under the cartridge holder. If so, then slide the cartridge to the right or left.
  • Remove the paper carefully with both your hands.
  • Next, examine the input tray for any paper jam. Remove all the paper that you have stacked and clear the paper that is stuck.
  • Make sure you do not tear the paper when you are pulling it. If there are any bits of paper, remove them.

Canon Pixma Mg2920 Power Light Flashing

  • If the Power lamp of the Canon Pixma MG2920 printer is flashing continuously, then make use of the following guidelines to resolve it.
  • Check if the output tray is closed properly. This error occurs when the output tray is not closed properly.
  • Close it firmly and tap the Color or Black button to stop the blinking of the lamp.
  • If the blinking does not stop, then check if there is any paper jam in the printer.
  • Examine the output tray and the rear tray of the printer. If there is any jammed paper, then remove the paper carefully and discard it.
  • Get in touch with the technical team if the power light flashing issue persists.

Canon Mg2920 Paper Won't Feed

  • First, check the input tray to see if you have loaded the paper correctly.
  • If you have not aligned the paper before loading, or if it is stuck, then this error will occur.
  • Also, check if the paper loaded in the input tray does not exceed the maximum level.
  • Make sure you have loaded the paper in the Portrait Orientation. The orientation that you set and the orientation in which you have placed the paper should relate.
  • Check if the paper you have loaded is damaged or curled. Replace the papers with new ones if necessary.
  • Check if the Media Type and the Paper Size Settings match with the paper you have positioned in the input tray.
  • Check if there are foreign objects in the input tray. If so, clear them and then try printing.
  • Clean the paper feed roller if necessary. Press the Stop button and release it after the Alarm light blinks seven times,
  • The paper feed roller will be cleaned.