Canon TS9020 Setup

Setting up Canon TS9020 is nothing tedious like you imagined. The steps given in the following procedure make the process quite easy. Instructions are also given to set up other print functions.

Canon Pixma TS9020 Unboxing Setup

  • The Canon Pixma TS9020 arrives in a red and white box.
  • The package will be sealed both horizontally and vertically on top.
  • To open the seal of the package, make use of a knife.
  • On the top, the extra accessories such as Ink cartridges, Power cord, and user manual will be placed.
  • After you take it out of the printer box, you have to unpack the printer from the box.
  • Take off the styrofoam sheets and plastic wrap present around the printer.
  • Extend the input tray and the output tray. Power on the printer by connecting it to the power supply using the power cord.
  • Install the cartridges in the respective slots and download the drivers to install them.
  • After you take it out of the printer box, you have to unpack the printer from the box.
Unboxing Canon TS9020 Printer

Canon Pixma TS9020 Driver & Manual Download

The driver and manual are two important aspects when considering a printer. The driver will help you connect the printer and the computer. Whereas, the manual will provide the instructions to do so.

Canon Pixma TS9020 Driver
  • To download the driver, specify the printer model number version in the textbox and tap Enter. The OS version will be detected automatically.
  • Click the Driver Download button to download the printer driver to your system. Follow the prompts displayed to install it.
  • For downloading the manual, key in the model number as Canon Pixma TS9020 and press the Enter key.
  • Wait till the download is over and then navigate to the downloaded location to open the manual.
  • You can refer to the manual if you have any queries related to the setup or troubleshooting your Canon printer.

Canon Pixma TS9020 Print

The Canon TS9020 printer is equipped to print photos and documents from a computer as well as a memory card. Card adapters are not required for SD or SDHC memory cards for inserting them into the Pixma printer. However, miniSD, miniSDHC, microSD, microSDHC cards require SD card adapters to insert them into the Canon Pixma TS9020. The Canon Pixma device can print on CDs, and there is a dedicated CD label printing application developed by Canon called My Image Garden, which is available for Windows and Mac computers. The guidelines to print documents and photos using a Canon Pixma TS9020 printer are given below.

How To Print On Canon Pixma TS9020?

  • Download the Canon Pixma TS9020 Printer Driver from this site by clicking on the Download button corresponding to the version that is appropriate for your computer's operating system.
  • If there is a Canon Pixma TS9020 driver CD, insert it into your computer by using the CD drive.
  • After the Canon Pixma TS9020 driver CD is read by the PC, or after double-clicking the Pixma driver software that you've downloaded to your computer, follow the steps given below.
  • Click the Start Setup button on the Canon TS9000 series driver installer screen.
  • Select your region, accept the terms and conditions, and turn off the firewall to proceed to the next step of the Pixma driver installation.
  • Click Yes on the Wireless Connection screen and follow the on-screen Pixma driver installer prompts. Now, key in your wireless network details in the Canon Pixma driver installer screen.
  • Follow the next set of prompts on the Canon Pixma driver installer screen to finish the Canon Pixma driver installation. Now, choose a document on your PC, set the Canon Pixma print preferences, and proceed to print the document.

Canon Pixma TS9020 Copy

With the Canon Pixma 9020 printer, you can easily load original multi-page documents and copy them to the plain paper loaded in the Pixma device's cassette. By default, the Pixma device supports paper sheets up to the 8*10 inch size. However, it can be made to accommodate legal paper by extending the paper drawer. The guidelines to copy the documents on the Canon TS9020 are given below.

How to Copy On Canon Pixma TS9020?

  • Power on the printer and pull out the cassette component from the device.
  • Now, locate the cassette cover, which is a rectangular plastic block. Remove it from the cassette cover.
  • Load the stack of paper with its print side facing the bottom of the tray. If the document doesn't fit, extend the cassette cover by using the extension buttons on the sides.
  • Move the paper width guides on the Pixma device's cassette cover to hold the document in place.
  • Place the cassette cover in position and then push the cassette into the Pixma device.
  • The Canon Pixma TS9020 now displays paper information on the screen. Tap on the paper size section, set the paper size, and then touch Register.
  • Choose Copy on the Pixma device's home screen and then select Standard Copy.
  • Now, raise the Canon Pixma device's document cover, place the document with the side to be copied facing down, and align it with the mark on the top left corner.
  • Lower the Pixma device's cover, set the paper preferences, and then press the Black or Color button for black or color copy according to your requirement.
  • The document will be copied, and the copy will be delivered through the output tray automatically.

Canon Pixma TS9020 Scan Function

For performing the scan job, the required MP software has to be launched on your personal computer. Easy procedure for carrying out the scan operation from the control panel of the Canon Pixma TS9020 printer and the personal computer is provided on this page.

IJ Start Canon TS9020 Scan Function

  • Make sure that the Canon TS9020 printer is powered up.
  • Choose the Scan button from the Home screen on the front panel of the printer.
  • Tap the save to computer option and then select the name of the computer to which you wish to forward the scanned information.
  • Now the Scan Standby dialog box displays on your touch panel.
  • Specify all the scan settings as per your requirements and then touch the type of scan as Document or Photo.
  • Now, place the document on the platen glass of the Canon Pixma TS9020 printer.
  • Press either the Black or Color button. The document gets scanned and the scanned data will be forwarded to your personal computer according to the scan settings.
  • Once the scan process is finished, take the original document out of the platen glass.

Scan to Computer From Canon Pixma TS9020

  • First, turn On the Canon Pixma TS9020 printer.
  • Make sure that you link the personal computer to the Canon Pixma TS9020 printer using a USB or wireless setup.
  • Raise the lid of the scanner, keep the original item in the platen glass, and then lower the lid.
  • Click the Windows Start icon from your desktop and then choose on the All Programs option.
  • Select the Windows Fax and Scan button and choose the Scan option, and then click New Scan.
  • Now, select the Profile drop-down list box and click the Photo or Document button.
  • Adjust the settings such as scan file type, color, resolution, contrast, and brightness that are needed for your scan job.
  • For a preview of the scanned item on your system, select the Preview button.
  • To scan the original on your computer from the Canon Pixma TS9020 printer, click on the Scan button.

Canon Pixma TS9020 Wired Setup

  • Confirm that the Canon PIXMA TS9020 printer is in the active mode.
  • Now, purchase an Ethernet cord, else use the one that came with your Canon device.
  • Discard the cap from the port that is found on the left side at the rear of your Canon PIXMA TS9020 printer.
  • Link the Canon TS9020 printer to the wireless access point with an Ethernet cord.
  • If the Home icon displays on the left side of the printer’s touch panel, tap the same.
  • Press the Wireless icon, then choose LAN settings, and then touch the Wired LAN option.
  • Select the Wired LAN Active/Inactive option and then tap the Active button.
  • From the left side of the Canon PIXMA TS9020 printer’s front panel, select the Home button for completing the wired setup process.

Canon Pixma TS9020 Wireless Setup

To set up your Canon Pixma TS9020 printer wirelessly, follow the instructions given below.

  • Make sure that the printer, wireless router, and the computer are turned On.
  • Check if the computer and the Canon printer are connected to the same wireless network.
  • Now, tap the Wi-Fi icon on the printer control panel.
  • Select the LAN settings option on the Basic network information screen.
  • Tap Wireless LAN Wireless LAN setup Easy Wireless Connect.
  • If you wish to perform the setup manually, then tap the Manual option on the Wireless LAN setup screen.
  • Tap Yes to confirm.
  • Now, install the Canon Pixma printer driver on your computer.
  • Select the Wireless option as network type while installing the print driver.
  • Respond to appropriately to the prompts displayed on the screen to finish the driver installation process.
  • Once the driver is installed properly, try a test print.

Canon Pixma TS9020 IJ Network Device Setup Utility

The IJ Network Device Setup Utility is an application that helps the administrator to manage the printers in the list.

  • The IJ Network Device Setup Utility application is available for download at the manufacturer site.
  • Make sure to download the application that suits your operating system.
  • After the download, install it as per the instructions.
  • To launch it on your system, click the Start button followed by All Programs.
  • Select Canon Utilities IJ Network Device Setup Utility IJ Network Device Setup Utility.
  • Start up the IJ Network Device Setup Utility to initialize the Network Settings.
  • Choose your printer from the Status list.
  • Select the Reset LAN settings option on the Printer menu.
  • Type the administrative password when prompted and click the OK button.

Canon TS9020 Mobile Printing

To enable mobile printing on your Canon Pixma TS9020 printer, follow the instructions as given below.

  • Turn on your wireless router and the Canon Pixma TS9020 printer.
  • Do the initial printer setup to begin the process.
  • Make sure to connect the printer and your hand-held device to the same wireless network.
  • Enable the Wi-Fi network on your printer by pressing the Wi-Fi icon followed by LAN settings.
  • Select Wireless LAN followed by Wireless LAN setup.
  • Select the Easy Wireless connect option and tap the Yes button.
  • Now, download and install the Canon PRINT Inkjet/ SELPHY application on your Android device.
  • Launch the application and tap the Yes button on the Setup screen.
  • Select Auto select connection method and wait for the registration process to complete.
  • Enter your wireless router password when prompted and tap the OK button.
  • Tap on your printer name when displayed on the screen.
  • Now the setup process is done. Select the image you wish to print on your Android device and tap OK.
  • Now the printer prints the image you have selected.

Canon Pixma TS9020 Apple Airprint

To perform Airprint on your Apple device, follow the instructions given below.

  • Connect your Apple device and the Canon Pixma TS9020 printer to the same wireless network to begin the process.
  • Enable the wireless option on your printer.
  • Make sure to install the Canon PRINT Inkjet/ SELPHY application on your iOS device.
  • The Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY application is available at the App store for download.
  • After the installation, launch the application on your iOS and tap the Add printer icon.
  • Select your Canon TS9020 printer from the installed devices list.
  • Finish the registration process by following the guidelines as displayed on the setup screen.
  • Once the registration process is done, try to print.
  • Find the image or document you want to print from the list, select it, and tap the Print button.
  • Now the printer starts the print operation.

Canon Pixma TS9020 Google Cloud Print

  • The Pixma TS9020 printer is compatible with Google Cloud Print.
  • You can print documents and photos with applications or services which support Google Cloud Print.
  • Transmit data to be printed through the internet to the printer.
  • Start printing once the printer is registered with Google Cloud Print.
  • To do so, make sure to log into your Google account.
  • The cloud print server allows you to print data without having to connect to the internet.
  • The existence of the Google Cloud Print function depends on the country or region you live.
Pixma TS9020 Google Cloud Print

Canon Pixma TS9020 PIXMA Cloud Link

  • This is a famous cloud service which allows you to print from any photo sharing site.
  • You can save scanned images to a data storage service easily.
  • This is the right service for you to register information.
  • It also helps you print right away without you having to register the user information.
  • This is a free application that is very useful for printing documents and photos easily.
Canon Pixma TS9020 Cloud Link

Canon Pixma TS9020 Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting the Canon Pixma TS9020 printer lets you overcome issues such as printer offline, not printing, and scanner not working. These are some simple issues that can be overcome by performing the procedure given in the below topics.

Why Is Canon Pixma TS9020 Printer Offline?

  • Make use of the procedure given below to resolve the printer offline issue.
  • Click the Windows key and type R in the search bar.
  • Key in Control Printers in the Run box once it opens.
  • Find your Canon TS9020 printer and right-click on it.
  • Choose the See What’s Printing option and go to the Printer tab.
  • Untick the Use Printer Offline option.
  • Check if the correct Canon printer is selected when you assign a print job.
  • Check if the computer and Canon Pixma TS9020 printer are connected properly.
  • Turn off the Canon printer and unplug it from the power source.
  • Wait for a few seconds and connect the printer to the power outlet again.
  • Reset you Canon Pixma TS9020 printer to rectify this problem.
  • Get in touch with the technical experts if the above-mentioned troubleshooting methods fail to resolve the error.

Canon Pixma TS9020 Not Printing Issue

  • Check if your Canon printer is connected properly to the power supply and is turned on.
  • Make sure the Canon Pixma printer and computer are connected.
  • The paper settings should match the settings of the rear tray. If not, modify it.
  • The next solution is to delete the unnecessary print jobs from your computer.
  • If the print jobs are already present, the print will not be able to take in new print jobs.
  • Check whether the Media Type and the Page Size Settings of the printer driver are correct. Modify them to sort out this issue.
  • Next, check if the printer driver that you have installed for your printer is selected while assigning the print job.
  • If the print data is very large, the printer will not be able to handle huge data.
  • Restart your computer if the above-stated solutions fail.

Canon Pixma TS9020 Scan Not Working

  • Make sure that the Canon PIXMA TS9020 printer is powered On.
  • Try attaching the USB cord to another port on your personal computer.
  • If you have plugged the USB cable to a USB hub, detach it from the hub.
  • Reinsert the USB cord into the appropriate port found on your Mac or Windows personal computer directly.
  • Verify whether your network is functioning correctly if a wireless setup is used.
  • If the scan issue continues, restart the Windows or Mac system.
  • Make sure that your Canon PIXMA TS9020 printer is not performing other functions such as copying or scanning.
  • Ensure that the MP software launched on your system has not become outdated or corrupted.
  • Try deinstalling the driver and then reinstalling the updated version from this page. Make sure to clean the scanner of Canon TS9020 periodically.