Ij Start Canon TR4500 Setup

Unboxing and setup is the fundamental procedure to be carried out by any user after buying the Canon TR4500 Setup. The Canon TR4500 printer set up can be done easily by following the simple guidelines that are provided right here on this web page.

IJ Start Canon TR4500 Unboxing Setup

  • The PIXMA TR4500 printer is delivered securely in a package to avoid the damages caused during shipment.
  • Use scissors for opening the carton and make sure that all the supplies are delivered in good condition.
  • Lift your Canon printer out and place it on an area that is well ventilated and free from dust.
  • Protective tapes will be present on your printer; discard them.
  • Insert the power cable at the back of your printer and the other end to the power supply.
  • Switch the Canon PIXMA TR4500 printer On and set the basic settings.
  • Open the rear tray, place a stack of paper, and then close it.
  • Install the cartridges into the appropriate slots.
Initial Canon TR4500 Setup

IJ Start Canon Tr4500 Driver & Manual Download

You can directly download the Canon TR4500 manual and the driver for your Canon TR4500 printer from this web page. If there is any issue with the download process, tap on the Call button and our executives will help you with the same.

IJ Start Canon TR4500 Print

You can print documents, envelopes, and photos from the ij.start.canon tr4500 printer. To perform printing from your computer, you should install the required software on it.

How To Print On IJ Start Canon TR4500?

  • Lower the front lid gently and pull the cassette out until it stops.
  • Slide the paper width guides to both the extreme ends and load paper into it.
  • Adjust it according to the paper size.
  • Push the cassette back into the Canon TR4500 Setup and the Paper Information screen appears on the panel.
  • Press the right & left arrows to select the paper size and type.
  • Once you are done with the settings, press the OK button.
  • On your computer, select Start All Apps.
  • Click Canon Utilities and choose Easy-PhotoPrint Editor.
  • Select the file type and click Browse.
  • Choose the file that you want to print and change the Print Settings. Click Print and wait for the printer to complete the process.

Copy with IJ Start Canon TR4500

  • Power on the Canon TR4500 printer and open the front lid.
  • Slide the cassette out until it is completely out of the printer.
  • Load paper in portrait orientation with the print side down.
  • Adjust the paper guides so that it fits the paper size correctly.
  • On the Paper Registration screen, press the OK button.
  • Assign the paper type and size using the right and left arrow buttons.
  • Open the scanner lid and load the original document with the print side facing down.
  • Press the Copy button and close the scanner lid gently.
  • Check the paper settings once again and press the Color or Black button.
  • Now the printer starts to copy the original document.

How To Add Copying Job In Canon TR4500?

  • Keep the ij.start.canon tr4500 printer turned on.
  • Get the originals to be copied & printed.
  • Remove all the paper clips and staples on the paper.
  • Place the original document on the platen.
  • A screen with the message Color Copying [Start]Scan next page appears.
  • You can press either Black or Color to get the copies.
  • Take the printed sheets from the output tray of the Canon TR4500 Setup.

Scan With IJ Scan Utility on Canon TR4500

Scanning is converting hard copies into soft ones. You can use various scanning software to initiate the scanning process.

How To Scan On IJ Start Canon TR4500?

  • Install the MP Driver on your system to open the IJ Scan Utility.
  • The Settings option is available on the bottom of the screen.
  • Select settings to view the Settings dialog box on the screen.
  • Click the Scan mode on the operational panel of the printer.
  • Modify the Scan options on the software.
  • Change the file name and choose a location to save your file.
  • In the Application Settings tab, choose an application to open.
  • Click OK and save the settings on the screen.
  • Select Scan to begin the scanning process.
Scan Function on Canon TR4500

IJ Start Canon TR4500 Fax

Make sure to complete the printer set up before starting the fax operation. Connect the printer to a telephone line. Make sure to maintain a stable power connection till the completion of fax operation. If the power goes off suddenly during the process, then all the fax data stored in the printer’s memory will be lost.

How To Fax On IJ Start Canon TR4500?

  • The first step is to set the phone line configuration and choose how you want to receive faxes.
  • Now, start the setup process.
  • Switch on your printer by pressing the POWER button.
  • Press the SETUP option on the printer’s control panel.
  • Use the arrows keys to select an option. Press FAX SETTINGS. Make sure to tap the OK button once the selection is made.
  • Tap the EASY SETUP option followed by START SETUP.
  • Now, use the power cord to connect the Canon TR4500 Setup to the wall outlet and the computer.
  • To perform a connection test, press the OK button.
  • Select SHARING FAX/VOICEReceive mode TEL Priority Telephone Line Type Tone OK.
  • Now the Fax receive setup is complete.

IJ Start Canon TR4500 Wireless Connection

  • Turn on your Canon printer, press the Menu or Wireless button, and hold it for at least 3 seconds.
  • Wi-Fi is now enabled on your printer. Go to the computer now and continue with the setup process.
  • Download the driver file from the manufacturer’s site and run the driver file.
  • Click Next on the Start Setup screen and enter your Username & password in the next screen.
  • Choose Start Setup option and tap Next. Select your region and click Agree in the Information Request screen.
  • In the Check Connection Method screen, choose the Yes option if the correct network is displayed.
  • Click Allow in the next pop-up screen.
  • Add your Canon printer to the list of devices and print a test page.

IJ Start Canon TR4500 Wireless Direct

  • Check if the Canon TR4500 Setup is turned on and then tap the Setup button on the operation panel.
  • Select the Device Settings option and then choose LAN Settings.
  • Tap the Wireless Direct option and press the OK button.
  • Choose Switch WL Direct in the next screen.
  • Once the printer is set up, tap the Done option and then tap OK.
  • Turn on your device and enable the Canon TR 4500 Wi-Fi Setup on your device.
  • Choose the printer with the name DIRECT in it and enter the correct credentials when prompted.
  • Your printer and computer are now connected through the wireless direct connection.

Canon TR4500 IJ Network Device Setup Utility

  • Turn on your printer after connecting it to the power supply.
  • Go to the manufacturer’s site and enter the printer model number and OS version of your system.
  • Download the printer driver file by clicking the download button.
  • Run the setup file to install the printer driver on your computer.
  • Use the Custom Install option to select the additional applications to be installed on your computer.
  • The Network Device Setup Utility will also be installed along with the MP Driver package.
Pixma TR4500 Network Device Setup Utility

IJ Start Canon TR4500 Troubleshooting

Any kind of printer issue can be resolved quickly with the right troubleshooting procedure. With the help of the instructions provided here, you can rectify errors in no time. Issues related to printing, scanning, and copying are addressed here.

IJ Start Canon TR4500 Printer Not Working

  • Damaged power cable may be the reason for the issue. Inspect the cable for any damages. Replace the cable if it is worn out.
  • If the Canon TR4500 Setup name does not display on the list of available devices, uninstall and reinstall the printer driver.
  • Check if the installed driver is updated. Corrupted drivers do not show the printer’s name.

Solve IJ Start Canon TR4500 Not Printing Issue

  • If the Canon TR4500 printer is unable to connect to the system, check if the USB cable is working correctly. The USB cable should be less than 3m in length.
  • Do not connect multiple devices to the port as it may result in the inadequate power supply.
  • If the printer is unable to connect to a wireless network, check and remove any objects reducing the single strength between the printer and the router.
  • Remove all the metal objects between the devices for a better signal frequency.

IJ Start Canon TR4500 USB Connection Issue

  • If the connection between the printer and system fails, try to connect the cable to a different USB port.
  • If the printer is connected to a hub, detach it and connect it to the system directly.
  • Check if the printer is connected to a proper port.
  • After trying all the solutions mentioned on the screen, try to print a test page.

Fix Scanning Issue In Canon TR4500

  • Verify whether the printer is in the active state.
  • If the drivers are not installed properly, use the CD-ROM to install it.
  • Store the scanned files and images in the IJ Scan Utility to open files in your application.
  • If the system is connected to multiple printers, choose your Canon TR4500 Setup name from the list. Check if the printer’s name selected is correct.