Canon Pixma Ts6020 Setup

Proper unboxing and setting up of the Canon PIXMA TS6020 printer is necessary to get the most out of the printer. The functions of the Canon device can be performed after the setup process is complete. Follow the instructions provided below for setting up the Canon PIXMA TS6020 printer quickly and easily.

Canon Pixma ts6020 Unboxing Setup

  • Open the carton by removing the seal present on top of it.
  • Take the supplies such as power cord, manual, warranty card, and others out of the package.
  • Once you lift the Canon PIXMA TS6020 printer from the box, keep it on a stable surface.
  • Attach the power cord to the rear of your Canon device and a working power outlet.
  • Use the ON button on the Canon PIXMA TS6020 for powering it up.
  • Insert enough amount of plain papers into the input cassette of your Canon printer.
  • Install the fine and shipped ink cartridges into their respective slots.
  • Print an alignment sheet for completing the Canon PIXMA TS6020 printer setup process.
Canon Pixma Ts6020 Setup

Canon Pixma ts6020 Driver & Manual Download

You can download the driver and the user manual for your Canon device from this site. To download the software and the user guide of your Canon PIXMA TS6020 printer, and select the Manual Download and the Driver Download buttons provided on this web page.

Canon Mg6820 Printer Print

To perform the print operation on your Canon MG6820 printer, first, you need to set up the printer as per the procedures explained in the user manual. Fill the input tray using a stack of A4 paper and insert the ink cartridges into the printer. Install the print driver software on your computer and start the print operation. To know more about how to perform the print operation on your Canon MG6820 printer, follow the instructions given below.

Canon Pixma Ts6020 Ink Cartridge

Your ink cartridge can be refilled using the procedure that is given below

Canon Pixma Ts6020 driver

Canon Pixma Ts6020 Ink Cartridge Refill

  • Initially, remove the Canon ink cartridges from its slot.
  • Peel off the label present on top of the cartridge and find the plastic stopper where the ink will be injected.
  • Position the orange cap at the bottom of the cartridge to avoid any ink leaks on the surface.
  • Make use of an enlarging tool to enlarge the hole present on top of the cartridge.
  • Take the needle and fill it with an ink color of your choice.
  • Position the needle in the starting of the hole and inject the ink slowly into the cartridge.
  • Wait patiently till the excess ink that you have filled spills out. Place the plastic stopper in its position.
  • The proceeding step is to position the Canon ink cartridges into the chip reset device. Once it flashes or beeps, then you can take it out.
  • Install the cartridges in their respective slots and close the cartridge door.

Canon Pixma TS6020 Print

The Canon Pixma TS6020 is a portable printer that can print 4*6 photos at an incredible speed of 39 seconds and takes PGI 270 black ink & CLI 271 dye-based ink. The Canon Pixma device also features AirPrint, My Image Garden, Wireless Printing, and so much more. To find out how to print on the Canon Pixma TS6020, follow the guidelines mentioned in the following topic.

Canon Pixma TS6020 How To Print

Make sure the appropriate paper is loaded into the Canon Pixma TS6020 before proceeding with the guidelines given below.

  • Power on your Canon Pixma TS6020 printer and wait until it initializes.
  • Download the Canon PRINT Inkjet application on your smartphone and open it. Tap the Add printer button. Select Register Printer.
  • Make sure that the wireless feature is ON on your Canon Pixma device.
  • The Canon PRINT application detects the printer and displays it on the screen. Tap it and select OK.
  • The Canon Pixma device appears at the top of the application screen.
  • Then, tap the Select Images option on the application. Select the image to be printed on your phone and tap Next. Select the printer, set the preferences, and tap Print.

Canon Pixma TS6020 Copy

Canon Pixma TS6020 is a versatile compact printer which can copy documents as effectively as it can print them. It boasts an FCOT of 19 seconds for color documents. Two-sided copy, Fit-to-Page, and Fade Restoration are some of the copy features offered by this Canon Pixma device.

Canon Pixma TS6020 How To Copy

Follow these simple guidelines to learn how you can copy documents on the Canon Pixma TS 6020 printer.

  • Turn on your Canon Pixma TS6020 printer and load paper into the paper input tray.
  • Select the Copy icon on the Canon Pixma device’s Home screen and choose Standard copy.
  • Place the original document on the Pixma device’s platen.
  • Set the desired preferences on the LCD, such as copy layout, number of copies, and so on.
  • Tap the Color button to initiate color copying.

Canon Pixma Ts6020 Scan

To perform scan operation on your Canon Pixma TS6020 printer, first, you need to set up the printer as per the procedure given in the user guide. Make sure to install the print driver on your computer before you begin the scan or other operations on your printer. To know more about how to perform the Scan operation, follow the instructions given below.

Canon Pixma Ts6020 How To Scan

  • Begin the Scan process by turning your Canon Pixma TS6020 printer On.
  • Tap Scan on the control panel. Select the Save option from the list view.
  • If you select the Save to computer option, then choose a PC to forward the scanned data.
  • Select the Document type and Display settings on the Specify settings screen.
  • Now, get the original document to be scanned and load it on the platen glass of the Canon printer.
  • If you want a color scan, then press the Color button. Otherwise, tap the Black button.
  • Now the printer starts the scan operation as per your wish.
Canon Pixma Ts6020 Scan Setup

Canon Pixma Ts6020 Wireless Setup

The following guidelines serve as a walkthrough to set up your Canon MG 6820 printer wirelessly.

  • To set up your Canon Pixma TS6020 printer wirelessly, follow the instructions given below.
  • First, enable the Easy Wireless Connect feature on your Canon printer.
  • Switch on your Canon Pixma TS6020 printer, navigate to the Home screen of the printer, and tap the Wireless icon.
  • Tap the LAN settings button at the bottom of the screen followed by Wireless LAN.
  • Select the Wireless LAN setup option from the Wireless LAN section.
  • Tap Easy Wireless Connection and then press the Yes button.
  • The Easy Wireless Connection option is enabled successfully.
  • Now, download the Canon Pixma TS6020 printer driver on your computer.
  • Install the printer driver and start performing the scan or copy operation.

Canon Pixma Ts6020 Wireless Direct

  • You can use the Wireless Direct method to change the printer & device settings. You can also use this feature to perform print and scan operations.
  • To change the Printer’s settings using the Wireless Direct feature, follow the instructions given below.
  • Ensure that the Canon Pixma TS6020 printer is turned On.
  • Tap the Setup icon on the main screen of the printer.
  • Tap the Settings option followed by Device Settings.
  • Tap LAN settings Wireless Direct Wireless Direct active/inactive ON.
  • Select the Yes button followed by OK.
  • Now the printer settings are reset to default settings.

Canon Pixma Ts6020 Mobile Printing

Mobile printing enables you to connect Apple or Android devices to the Canon PIXMA TS6020 printer. The mobile printing connection can be established with or without a wireless access point. The guidelines on how to set up the mobile printing feature in the Canon PIXMA TS6020 printer are explained below.

Canon Pixma Ts6020 Apple Airprint

  • Make sure that the Canon PIXMA TS6020 printer is switched On.
  • Your Mac personal computer and the Canon printer must be associated with the same wireless network.
  • Double-click the System Preferences option, then choose the Printers & Scanners button, and then select the + symbol.
  • Click on the Canon PIXMA TS6020 printer; it will be found in the Nearby Printers window.
  • Now the model of your Canon device will be added to the list of devices.
  • To carry out a print job, select the File menu.
  • Now, click on the Print button and select the name of your Canon device, and then choose Print again.

Canon Pixma Ts6020 Pixma Cloud Link 

  • Make sure that the Canon Pixma TS6020 printer is turned On and connected to the stable internet connection.
  • Flip the screen and tap the Cloud icon to open the Cloud applications.
  • Tap the OK button on the Registration Preparation Complete screen.
  • Press the Next button on the Confirmation screen.
  • Select the Agree button on the Terms of use screen.
  • Now the Canon Pixma TS6020 Cloud link setup process is done successfully.
  • Now you can perform the scan or print operation as per your need.

Canon Pixma Ts6020 Google Cloud Print

  • To perform the Google Cloud Print on your Canon Pixma TS6020 printer, follow the instructions given below.
  • First, you need to create a Google account.
  • After that, register your Canon printer with Google Cloud Print.
  • To register the printer using the Google Chrome application, follow the instructions given below.
  • Launch the Google Chrome application on your computer.
  • Select the Sign in button.
  • Enter the credentials in the given field and click the Login button.
  • Select the Setting icon followed by the Show advanced settings option.
  • Select the Manage for Google Cloud Print option and click the Add Printer button.
  • Select your Canon Pixma TS6020 printer from the list.
  • Click OK on the Confirmation page.
  • Tap the Yes button on the printer control panel when the registration confirmation screen appears.
  • Now your Canon Pixma TS6020 printer is registered with the Google Cloud application successfully.
  • Start the print operation by opening the Google Chrome browser on your computer.
  • Log into your Google account and select the Print option from the menu list.
  • Choose your Canon Pixma TS6020 printer in the Google Cloud Print section.
  • Click the Print button again to confirm the action.
  • Now your printer starts to print operation as per your wish.

Canon Pixma TS6020 Firmware Update

The Canon Pixma TS 6020 printer’s firmware can be updated from the smartphone that is connected to the Canon Pixma device or directly from the Canon Pixma device’s LCD. From the Canon Pixma device’s LCD, tap the Menu buttonSetupOKDevice settingsOKFirmware UpdateOKInstall updateOKYesOKand then OK to update the firmware. Finally, tap OK.

Canon Pixma TS6020 Troubleshooting

The Canon Pixma TS6020 printer completes printing tasks, copying, and scanning with ease. However, the Pixma device faces issues such as print operation failure, ink issues, paper feed malfunction, misaligned lines, scanning problems, mechanical issues, and so on. The solutions for these issues are covered in the Canon Pixma TS6020 printer manual.

Why Canon Pixma TS6020 Printer Is Offline? 

Follow these guidelines to solve the offline printer error and resume printing on your Canon Pixma TS6020.

  • Navigate to the Search bar on your Windows PC’s Start menu. Type services and click on the Services application.
  • The local services are displayed on the screen. Right-click Print Spooler and click Restart.
  • Right-click the Print Spooler option again and select Properties. Click on the dropdown list beside Startup type and set it to Automatic. Click OK.
  • Now, restart your Windows PC and try to print a document. If it doesn’t solve the issue, go to Devices & printers and right-click on your Canon Pixma device. Choose See what’s printing Choose Printer untick Use Printer Offline (if it is unticked, leave it as it is.) Choose Printer again Cancel All Documents. Now, try using the printer. The last resort is to reinstall the Canon Print software on your computer if these two methods did not solve the issue.

Fix Canon Pixma Ts6020 Printer 1300 Error Code

  • This error occurs when there is a paper jam in the output tray of your canon printer.
  • Turn off your Canon Pixma Ts6020 printer.
  • Tap the Stop button to cancel all the print jobs that you have assigned.
  • Find how the paper is stuck and pull out the paper using both your hands.
  • If you are unable to clear the jammed paper from the slot, then turn off the Canon printer and turn it on after a few seconds.
  • There are chances that the paper might get ejected automatically.
  • Clear the paper from the inside of the printer. Service your printer if the paper jam issue is not rectified.

Canon Pixma Ts6020 Not Printing

  • Check if the Canon Pixma printer is turned on and connected properly to the power source.
  • Ensure that your Canon printer is connected properly to the computer.
  • If connected via a wireless network, then check if there is proper internet connectivity.
  • Make sure the paper settings match the rear tray information.
  • Next, delete the print jobs that are not needed to clarify this issue.
  • Check if the Canon printer driver is selected when you are assigning the print jobs.
  • If the file to be printed is very large, then the printer will not be able to print it.
  • Restart your computer to rectify this issue.

Canon Pixma Ts6020 Not Scanning

  • Try out the following troubleshooting solutions to rectify the not scanning error.
  • Ensure that your Canon Pixma printer is turned on and in the ready state.
  • If you have connected via USB, then make use of a different port available on your computer.
  • In case you are making use of a USB hub, remove it, and try scanning.
  • Next, verify the connection status if it is a network connection. Reconnect the Canon printer and computer if needed.
  • Restart your computer to check if you are able to scan properly.