Ij Start Canon Ts9120 Setup

When you are setting up the IJ Start Canon TS 9120 printer for the first time, then you have to follow a procedural order to install it. After unboxing the printer, place it on a flat surface, provide power supply, set initial printer settings, load paper, install ink tanks, download driver, establish a network connection and start printing, faxing, scanning or copying.

Ij Start Canon Ts9120 Unboxing Setup

  • Unbox the IJ Start Canon TS9120 printer from the box and place it on a plain flat surface.
  • Remove all the seals, tapes, stickers around and inside the printer.
  • Once you turn the printer on, the control panel becomes active.
  • Set the basic settings like language, country/region, and date/time.
  • Now, open the scanning cover and wait until the moving carriage stops.
  • Remove the lid of the ink tank lid.
  • Take the ink tanks that came along with the printer and remove the packaging material.
  • Hold the tank by its sides and take out the orange tape attached to it.
  • The protective film stuck to the ink tank should also be removed.
  • Slide the orange protective cap on the ink tank to remove it.
  • Insert the ink tank into its respective slot.
  • Make sure that the color on the ink tank and the label on the top of the slot match.
  • Ensure that you have placed the ink tank into the slot firmly and then close the scanning cover.
  • Next, load paper into the printer for aligning the print head.
  • There are two paper sources - Rear Tray and Cassette present in the printer. The tray should be selected based on the print job you perform.
  • To align the print head, you need to load paper into the Cassette.
  • Detach the Cassette from the machine.
  • Widen the paper guides, place paper, and secure them by adjusting the paper guides.
  • After loading the paper, select the grid-shaped icon (SETUP) on the home screen.
  • Select Maintenance Auto head alignment > Yes. The printer starts printing the alignment page.
  • Take the printhead alignment sheet, place it on the platen glass and press OK.
  • The printer will scan the page and align the print head.
  • Press the WPS button on the IJ Start Canon TS9120 printer and the router one after another within a time period of two minutes and complete the wireless setup.
  • Install the driver using the installation disc and complete the printer set up.

Ij Start Canon Ts9120 Driver & Manual Download

  • Visit the official support page of the manufacturer and look for the Search box.
  • Type the model number of your printer and select the driver tab.
  • Choose the driver that suits your OS and click download.
  • Perform the on-screen instructions and complete the driver installation process.
  • The same support page will provide you links to download the manual for your printer.
  • Click the link, and the file opens in the PDF format.

Ij Start Canon Ts9120 Printhead

Printhead is a hardware component installed in the printer to spray ink on the paper while printing a document. The procedure on how to clean the printhead is provided here on this web page.

Ij Start Canon Ts9120 Printhead Cleaning

  • Ensure that the Canon PIXMA TS9120 printer is powered On.
  • Place a sheet of A4 paper into the cassette.
  • From the Home window on the Canon TS9120 printer’s touch panel, tap on the Setup button.
  • Select the Maintenance option and the Maintenance dialog box appears on the screen.
  • Touch the Cleaning option and then press the Yes button on the Confirmation pop-up window.ij-start-canon-co-ij-start-canon-ts9120
  • The Canon PIXMA TS9120 printer starts to clean the printhead.
  • The process might take about one to two minutes.
  • Choose the Yes option, and the Nozzle Check Pattern sheet gets printed by your Canon printer.

Ij Start Canon Ts9120 Print

Printing is the primary function of the Canon PIXMA TS9120 printer. Confirm that the Canon PIXMA TS9120 printer’s hardware and software setup process are completed before carrying out the print function.

Ij Start Canon Ts9120 How To Print

  • Switch On the Canon PIXMA TS9120 printer by force pressing its On button.
  • Insert enough quantity of the required paper Into the printer’s cassette.
  • From the application software on your personal computer, choose the Print command; it will be located in the File menu.
  • Choose your Canon PIXMA TS9120 printer and then select the Properties or Preferences option.
  • The Printer Driver’s Setup dialog box displays on your desktop. Choose the appropriate print settings that you wish to use.
  • Standard, High, or Draft must be selected as the Print Quality.
  • In the Paper Source tab, select the Rear Tray, Cassette, or Automatically Select option.
  • Click on the OK option, and now your Canon PIXMA TS9120 printer prints the document using the specified settings.

Ij Start Canon Ts9120 Scan

Scanning converts the printed document into a soft copy. The settings for the Scan process may vary based on the printer model. Let’s see how to set scanning preferences and scan a document using the Canon TS 9120 printer.

Ij Start Canon Ts9120 How To Scan

  • Make sure the printer is in the active state.
  • The printer and the system have to be connected to the same network.
  • Install the necessary software on your system to begin the scanning process.
  • Keep the platen of the printer free from dust or debris.
  • Mount your original document with its printed side facing down on the platen.
  • Close the lid. Now, open the software on your system.
  • Find the printer name in the Printers menu.
  • Choose the Scan option.
  • Preview the document on the desktop screen.
  • Make the necessary changes if required.
  • Click the Scan option to complete the process.
  • The file is available in the destination folder.

Ij Start Canon Ts9120 Scan From Computer

  • Ensure that you download and install the Canon IJ Scan utility on your computer.
  • It is usually installed along with the MP Drivers.
  • On your computer, click the Canon folder and choose IJ Scan Utility.
  • After launching the tool, check if the name of your printer is displayed on the list.
  • Else, add your printer to the list by clicking the + button.
  • Now, place the document you want to scan on the platen and click Auto on the software.
  • The document ( image or text ) will be scanned. The preview of the document will be displayed on the computer screen.
  • Alter the changes if necessary by clicking the Settings tab.
  • You can also save the document by clicking the Save icon.

Ij Start Canon Ts9120 Wireless Connection

  • Ensure that your Canon TS9120 printer is turned on.
  • Check if your printer has the WPS push button. Else, you will have to connect your printer using the Standard Connection Method.
  • Once the printer is turned on, wait until the carriage remains idle.
  • Press the WPS button on your printer. Release the button when the WPS light flashes.
  • The flashing light depicts that your printer is searching for an available network.
  • Using the LCD screen on your printer, choose the home network and connect it to your printer.
  • Enter the passkey for the chosen network and press OK.
  • If the WPS light turns blue, it indicates that the connection has been established successfully.

Ij Start Canon Ts9120 Wireless Direct

  • Turn on your Canon printer and press the Setup button.
  • Choose Settings Device Settings LAN Settings Wireless Direct.
  • If the wireless direct is displayed as Inactive, then tap on it to change it to Active Mode.
  • Some printer may have an option ON, if so, click on it.
  • Select Yes and tap OK to connect it to your wireless device.
  • Now, turn on Wi-Fi on your device.
  • Choose the name of your printer with the prefix Direct.
  • Key in the password, and your device will be connected with the printer.
  • Once the connection is established, try to perform the printer functions using your Canon printer.

Ij Start Canon Ts9120-Ij Network Device Setup Utility

  • Open the web browser such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer on Windows 8.
  • Search the manufacturer site of the HP printer, and download and install IJ network device setup utility.
  • Make sure your computer is connected to network and printer is plugged in and turned on.
  • Printer screen will lit on and tap on the Wi-Fi icon to set up network.
  • To open the application, go to Start screen and double-click on IJ Network Device Setup Utility.
  • The application will search for printers on the network.
  • Select the printer to initialize settings.
  • Input the Wi-Fi password.
  • The printer is now connected to the network.

Ij Start Canon Ts9120 Firmware Update

  • If the printer is connected to Wi-Fi network, you will get a notification of firmware update on the printer screen from the vendor if any update is available.
  • Go to the setup menu.
  • Then select the “Device setting” option to perform various settings.
  • Select the “Firmware update” option and click on it.
  • Click on install updates option on the screen that opens.
  • Select the “Yes” option, and the process will start.
  • It will take about 4-5 minutes to download and update the firmware.
  • During the update process, the printer will reboot.
  • Ensure that the power supply is stable.
  • After reboot, the message will pop up on the printer display saying the update is successful.

How To Reset Ij Start Canon Ts9120 Printer?

  • If you want to reset your Canon TS9120 printer, follow these steps below.
  • Turn on the printer and check if the device is connected to the Wi-Fi network.
  • On the home screen, tap on the “Setup” icon.
  • Click on the Settings option.
  • Scroll down to the Reset settings option and select it.
  • Choose any of the reset options available.
  • Tap on the “Reset all” option to reset the printer completely.
  • If you click Reset all options, all the settings will be restored to factory defaults.
  • The administrator password specified by Network Device Setup Utility will also be set to defaults.
Ij Start Canon Ts9120

Ij Start Canon Ts3100 Google Cloud Print

To print using the Google Cloud Print feature, you need a Google account. Launch the Google Chrome browser on your Personal Computer.

  • Choose the Sign In Chrome option from the Chrome window. Enter your Google account by typing the username and password.
  • Click on the Settings icon from the Chrome tab. To view the information, choose the Show Advanced Settings option.
  • Select the Manage Cloud Print Devices option and click the Add Printer option when the Canon TS3100 printer appears in the list of devices.
  • Select the OK button on the Confirmation message that displays on your computer.
  • Make sure that the Wi-Fi icon blinks for about three times on the printer’s LCD screen. The registration process gets complete after you tap the Network button.

Ij Start Canon Ts3100 Pixma Cloud Link

ij start Canon ts100 mobile printing can be done using the Canon PRINT Inkjet or SELPHY application. This application is available in Google Play & Apple Store for download.

  • Make sure that the Canon TS3100 printer is connected to the Internet.
  • From the Home screen of the Canon TS3100 printer, tap the Settings icon and select the Cloud Applications option.
  • Choose the OK button on the Registration Preparation Completed dialog box.
  • Tap the Next button on the Confirmation pop-up window.
  • Read the steps that are provided on the Terms of Use box and then choose the Agree option.
  • Once you register your Canon TS3100 printer with PIXMA Cloud Link, you can start printing images and texts that have uploaded the applications that are linked to the service.

Ij Start Canon Ts9120 Troubleshooting

The Canon ts9120 printer is well known for its efficiency and fast process. But, at times, the clients of this printer also face some issues while performing the print operation. The user manual provided with the printer package contains the troubleshooting methods for the problems that can be fixed manually. Make sure to follow the troubleshooting methods as per the instructions given in the user manual.

Ij Start Canon Ts9120 Printer Not Printing

To fix this issue, perform the troubleshooting steps given below.

  • Check if the cable that connects your printer and the computer is connected correctly.
  • If the cable is damaged or defective, then better replace it.
  • Check if the paper tray is full. If the tray is empty, then the printer will be unable to perform the print operation.
  • Open the input tray and load sufficient paper into it.
  • After refilling the tray, try to print the document or photo.
  • Check if your Canon printer is installed on your computer and set it as default printing source.
  • To do that, open the document you wish to print and click the Print option. If your printer is not listed, then click Printer selection option and select your Canon from the list.
  • Make sure that you have installed the printer driver on your computer. Check if the ink cartridge is full. If the cartridge is empty, then refill or replace the cartridges as per the instructions on the user manual.

Ij Start Canon Ts9120 Scanning Problem

To fix Scanner not responding the issue, follow the steps given below.

  • Check if your printer is powered on.
  • Remove the USB cable from your computer and connect it to a different port.
  • Check the connection status while the network is ON.
  • Reboot your computer.
  • Check if the Scanner driver starts.
  • If it does not start, then follow the instructions given below to fix.
  • Assure that the driver is installed on your computer.
  • Choose your printer on the application’s menu.
  • Check if your application supports TWAIN.
  • Scan and save the file or image on IJ Scan Utility.
  • Now, open that scanned file in your application.

Ij Start Canon Ts9120 Solve 1313 Error Code

The error code 1313 indicates a paper jam. To resolve the paper jam issue, follow the instructions given below.

  • First, turn off your printer.
  • Make sure to cancel all the on-going processes before turning the printer off.
  • Now, pull out the rear door from the printer.
  • Raise the transport unit and remove it out of the printer.
  • Gently remove the jammed paper.
  • Make sure not to tear the paper and touch the inner part of the printer.
  • Remove all the jammed paper from the printer.
  • Place the transport unit back to the printer. Close the rear door.
  • Now, try a test print.